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Paragon of Fire: Spectrum Legacy Book Two

Finding the legendary sword was only the beginning.

The moment Zaide pulled the blade from the skull of an ancient enemy, a monstrous army marched on Amrochan, and until the blade’s magic is restored, nothing will stop the army’s advance.

Three Paragons bear the power to restore the Spectrum Blade to the unstoppable force it once was, and the librarian Tula knows just where to start. As the Paragon of Fire, the Magister in her home city of Jadora can aid them. But first, he must be reached—and for the first time, the desert city of Jadora is under attack.

With a blade not yet fully awakened, Zaide, Tula, and Lark must breach the city walls, find the Magister, and turn the tide of war before Amrochan falls.

Paragon of Fire is the second book of the new epic fantasy series Spectrum Legacy, and will be released on April 30.

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