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Serpent’s Blood: Snakesblood Saga Book Six

As the mad Archmage pushes to expand her authority, refusal of her terms means death.

Resistance was a mistake. Forced to flee Elenhiise or become the Archmage’s next casualty, Firal and her few trusted friends become refugees in the Triad, where the Royal City braces for a magical attack even it cannot hope to meet head on.

Envesi’s price for peace doesn’t seem high, but granting the Archmage unfettered power could doom them all. With little power and few choices remaining, Rune leverages every ounce of favor he’s gained for one last chance. To save his people, a trade could be made: Instead of the kingdom, his life.

Serpent’s Crown, the final book in the Snakesblood Saga, is now available.


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